Reading List and Planning for CARCOSA

Tales to Astound discovers the 20th century’s near-lost Shakespearean character King Kull. I think of him as more of an Othello wrapped in a Lear, rather than a MacBeth, however.

Tales to Astound!


The Player Characters of my Lamentations of the Flame Princess game might well be going to doomed Carcosa(Of their own volition, mind you, to find a magical McGuffin to retrieve some of their companions from an extra dimensional trap. I’d never force such a thing on them!)

I’m very excited about this, as I find the setting compelling and crazy. And unlike many who find the material morally repulsive and too dark, I see it as a chance for PCs to step up to the plate with moral certainty. The thought of a bunch of 17th Century Europeans leaving a time of religious and political confusion and ending up on an alien world where Sorcerers cast rituals involving human sacrifice seems to me the perfect setup for a pulse-pounding pulp novel.

If they go, I expect they’ll stay a while. I can withhold the McGuffin as long as I’d…

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