Scenes from Leigh Brackett’s Star Wars Script That Weren’t “Discarded”

Hey, guys! Considering that the media has spent the last few days rewriting history, denigrating Leigh Brackett’s contribution to Empire Strikes Back, this is a pretty big deal.

Jeffro spent the better part of yesterday, Leigh Brackett’s birthday, going through Brackett’s script on G+ busting this recently fabricated media myth about the Queen of Sci-Fi, that her contributions to Star Wars were minimal and “discarded”, and now he’s putting it all together on WordPress.

Sure, Brackett’s first draft underwent a number of changes and rewrites before being filmed, but that happens to ALL screenplays. What doesn’t always happen is a screenwriter passing away before they have the chance to do the rewrites themselves.

While a reading of Brackett’s Empire script will turn up a lot of differences from the final product, anyone reading it will find there is more than enough there that is so obviously and essentially Empire that it would be readily apparent that any articles claiming that Brackett’s script was “discarded” were not only disingenuous in their marginalization of Brackett but flat out wrong!

But don’t take Jeffro’s or my word for it. You can read a facsimile copy of Brackett’s manuscript here:

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

Fans of classic science fiction will be delighted to see Leigh Brackett’s name turning up in mainstream media outlets of late. In the decades following her death, it’s uncommon to hear anything but good about her contributions to Star Wars. The quality and success of The Empire Strikes Back is generally taken as the ultimate vindication of someone that took a lot of flack over the course of her career for her unwavering conviction that space opera was a most excellent style of science fiction.

But all of that’s in the process of being erased now. The news stories invoking her are in fact actively diminishing Leigh Brackett’s role in the development of the movie script. These stories all seem to be working from the same sheet of talking points as they all go out of their way to emphasize the fact that Leigh Brackett’s script was discarded.

It’s hard to…

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