Wow, what a weekend!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Mine was pretty alright.  I got a nice stack of Batman comics for Christmas, which I’m happy about, but the real coup was the Dying Earth omnibus that my mom got me.  I’ll be getting to that as soon as I finish Karl Gallagher’s Torchship.

The art for issue # 1 of Cirsova is done.


Art by Jabari Weathers for Schuyler Hernstrom’s The Gift of the Ob-Men

As soon as the final scan is done, I’ll knock out cover layout then launch the Kickstarter.  I’ll announce advertising rates next week.

Finished playing Air Assault on Crete and will be starting the mini-game Invasion of Malta this week.  After part 1 of Air Assault goes live, I’ll hopefully be able to shift back to a more regular schedule for my wargaming posts.  Trying to move this series to a weekly blog series where I’m not the only blogger and have no way of knowing when my post will go live makes it hard to coordinate my content.  I’d planned to do part 1s over there and subsequent parts over here, but I think creating original content for a new series will make things less confusing.  So I’ll be keeping my own weekly wargaming series here while I figure out something new for Wargame Wednesdays next year.

The new Medicide album, Supernova Black, is pretty much ready to go.  I’m just waiting for Sid to send out early ‘promo’ copies he’d already promised people before I flip the switch to set it live.  This is probably our best album yet and we’re both super proud of it.  It’ll finally be out in the new year.

Last, but definitely not least, Cirsova was named the number 1 gaming blog of 2015 by Jeffro Johnson, which is a pretty big deal!  Thanks, Jeffro! I’m in there with some pretty remarkable company.

4 responses to “Wow, what a weekend!

  1. I am really digging that art. The composition is very interesting and reflects the character better than the simple battle scene I was expecting. Weathers is an immense talent.

    Speaking of creative endeavors, what is Supernova Black going to be like? Black Hole was very interesting. I was thinking it was going to be more conventional but it is more like something I would find in the Tesco catalog or from World Serpent way back when. Excellent stuff.

    • Yeah, she asked if she could play around with some ideas that worked in more of the overarching themes of the story rather than just depict the fight with the Ur-wolf, so I let her run with it. She showed me some really beautiful sketches and thumbnails, but I think this one had the best ‘cover’ look.

      Supernova Black is a bit more cohesive than Black Hole with only 5 tracks. While it wasn’t taken from the same sessions as Black Hole, it was recorded when we were working on ways to interpret some of the musical themes in a live environment. It feels less like incidental music (as was the idea behind Black Hole) and more of a coherent album. The best way I can describe it is sounding like a cross between Tangerine Dream and the really heavy breakdowns of live Hawkwind with the more discernibly “rock” elements stripped away.

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