2 responses to “It’s Up!

  1. It’s a Gundam!

    Do you have an opinion on Super Robot Wars?

    I understand that MSG’s Islands borrow from O’Neill even the unfinished parts of the drawing that would exist in a real version. Check out the ring of secondary Ag discs.

    One of my hobby horses is concerns about the Island Three design. Check out the section on bursting speeds of flywheels in the Machinery’s Handbook. When spun up to 1 G the loading exceeds the failure point of any known method of construction. Island Three would need, assuming it is physically possible, new materials and techniques, especially the joins between the transparent and opaque sections. It isn’t surprising that one of these would come apart. Really, one wonders why a lot more of them don’t get destroyed in Gundam’s wars.

    • I’ve played one of the SNES Super Robot Wars, but I’ve never been a big fan of SD designs or non-hexagonal tactical games. That’s one of the reasons why I wish there had been a port of Ghiren’s Greed, because judging from what I’ve seen it comes pretty close to what I’m looking for.

      Also, I spent the better part of yesterday looking up those Avalon Hill-style Gundam board games from the 80s; there’s barely any evidence that these ever even existed, and you sure as heck can’t pop over to Amazon Japan and order one. If I can find anyone who would be willing to translate the rules for a reasonable fee, I might consider taking that one guy up on his offer of getting me a copy of the 30th anniversary edition of Jabro. I did find both an english translation and a Vassal emulation of “Fortress”, the Battle of Solomon game.

      Yeah, Gundam came out just a couple years after High Frontier, so virtually all of the non-robot aesthetic was drawn from the illustrations. I think that just about every style of colony described in HF makes an appearance at some point or another. I think part of the retcon explanation for the ability to build colonies that could withstand the cetrifical forces was magic lunar alloys. Eventually there was some retconning to say that some of the better mobile suits were made out of lunar alloy, which explained why they could shrug off anything smaller than a mega particle beam. Sometimes law of awesome has to triumph in sci-fi, like when Ghiren used an orbital mirror Archimedes Death Ray to destroy half the federation fleet.

      I can’t remember how many exactly, but I recall that lots of colonies were destroyed, especially early in the war. Part of the Antarctic Treaty was no fighting in colonies and no blowing up colonies, because between the endless nukes, colony drops, nerve gas and willy-nilly space battles outside of colonies over half the human population had been wiped out.

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