Welcome to the New Year!

Things may be slow again this week as I try to catch up and get on top of all of these new developments, so please bear with me.

I have received the final art file for Cirsova Issue #1. It looks freaking gorgeous (a bit like a Jeff Jones, according to Schuyler Hernstrom), and I’ve got the proof layout file done and uploaded. I will be getting back a first proof (sans advertisements) soon; if it looks good, the Kickstarter will go live and this will be a thing.

Cirsova Cover Small

This is just my first stab and subject to change based on how the print copy looks. 

In the coming days, I will be interviewing Karl Gallagher, the author of the truly amazing Sci-Fi adventure novel “Torchship”.

More and more gaming coming up. Plus, I’ve been invited to expand my role as a blogger at Castalia House to help Jeffro Johnson, new Blogging Editor over there, achieve his goal of making CH ‘the best and most popular SF/F and gaming blog’, so expect some of my content to pop up over there as well.

Also, I’m less than 100 pages into the Dying Earth Omnibus and can say with a fair bit of certainty that the aesthetic and tropes of modern fantasy owe as much, if not far more, to Jack Vance as to Tolkien. Now I’m going to be spending days wracking my brain over what recent fantasy story/movie I’ve read/seen within the last year that also involved a character being hit with a control magic spell and being ‘cured’ by being told ‘I command you to act as you would normally act’. I’m thinking Stardust, but I’m not 100% certain.

6 responses to “Welcome to the New Year!

    • Thanks! Somehow or another, I managed to build up a lot of momentum last year, so I hope I can keep it up. Things are looking good for the moment, though!

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