Submit Your 2015 Nominations

Hey, it would be a really great thing if people got behind this. The narrow categories are going to make it almost a coin toss for me. Sceptre of Morgulan was so freaking good, but Torchship is really great, too, and has the added bonus for new readers of not being the third book in a series. If I could split them off into their own little genre ghettos, I’d say Sceptre for best Fantasy and Torchship for best sci-fi, but now I have to choose!

Planetary Awards

It’s time for book bloggers, podcasters, and booktubers to nominate their favorite science fiction and fantasy books and short stories published in 2015. There are three categories for the 2015 awards:

1) Shorter story (under 40,000 words/160 paperback pages)
2) Traditionally published novel
3) Small press / self-published novel

Nominations must be received by February 14th, 11:59PM US Pacific time.

Here are the steps required to nominate a story (A, B, and C are required. D, E, and F are optional):

A) Establish your credentials. Make a comment to this blog post, with links to three reviews posted in 2015 on your blog, podcast, or booktube channel. If you have a multi-topic podcast/video, please give us time references.

B) Post on your blog (or podcast/booktube channel) nominating a story and explaining why you think it’s the best.

  • You may nominate in all three categories with one post, or you may…

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