Life has gotten so busy! (Updates & more Updates)

I feel like I hardly have time to blog anymore, because I’m working on so many cool things, but I’m sure that it’s just all in my head; I’ve got plenty of time and plenty of things to blog about!

This week, I need to take a look at Magic in DCC. There are two prevalent opinions on the subject: either it is awesome or it is a headache.  I’m beginning to think it’s a little of both.

On Friday, I got a pre-proof copy in of Cirsova Issue 1.  It looks phenomenal.  If I weren’t such a Luddite that I didn’t have a smart phone or a digital camera, I’d post all sorts of selfies with it.  Well, that’s a lie.  Even if I had a camera, I would not be posting selfies.  And a photo isn’t going to really capture how awesome thing looks any better than the decent res image I already posted.  In short, it is dangerously close to go time.

I’m going to be trying to create a surplus queue of Short Reviews.  That way, if I’m feeling lazy or just want to read novels for a bit instead of short fiction, I won’t be all “Oh, no, no time to read Dying Earth, I’m on a deadline!”  My first since the series has moved to Castalia House can be found here.

Jeffro has a review of Torchship up.  The interview I’m doing with Torchship author Karl Gallagher should be up in about a week and a half.

Next Saturday, new Medicide album Supernova Black is officially released.

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