Cirsova Issue 1 Kickstarter is Live! (please share!)

The Kickstarter for Cirsova Issue 1 is a go!  Issue # 1 is done and paid for.  We’re just taking orders and raising money for the future so I can start work on Issue #2 right away!

Basic pledge rates are as follows:

Individual Copies
$2 – PDF
$10 + Shipping if outside US; varies by country from $2 – $8 – 1 softcover copy + PDF (Note: These will retail on Amazon for $7.50 + Shipping)
$25 + Shipping if outside US – Editor signed softcover copy + PDF
$35 + Shipping if outside US – Hardbound w/dust jacket + PDF (limited 100)

Advertising Rates
$25 – 250 character ‘classified’ ad + 1 copy + PDF
$65 – ¼ page ad + 5 copies (limit 8)
$85 – ½ page ad + 5 copies (limit 3)
$150 – Back Cover ad + 5 copies (limit 1)

Bulk rate pledges (domestic US only, shipping included)
$30 – 5 copies
$60 – 10 copies
$80 – 15 copies (+$20 for every additional 5 copies)

I’ve always been into sci-fi and fantasy, but last year, largely thanks to Jeffro Johnson’s Hugo nominated Appendix N Retrospective series, I found myself picking up a lot of the older, weirder and pulpier stuff.  I felt particularly inspired by authors like Leigh Brackett, Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, and publications like Planet Stories.

I decided to launch a semi-pro zine to showcase pulse-pounding Sword & Planet and Heroic Fantasy fiction in the tradition of those classic pulp magazines.

Cirsova Magazine is for readers who want exciting tales of daring heroes up against impossible odds in exotic settings. It’s also for authors of adventure SFF.  I want to create an enduring market for pulp adventure writers to sell their fiction for competitive semi-pro rates.

All that’s left to do for issue 1 is fill some of the limited advertising space and get it into your hands as soon as possible! No T-shirts, no secret forums, no skype calls, conventions or parties, just what I can without a doubt put in your hands: a high quality sci-fi magazine.

Issue 1 will have nearly 100 pages of pulse pounding SFF action!

The first issue of Cirsova features the following line-up:

Short Stories

  • The Gift of the Ob-Men by Schuyler Hernstrom
  • This Day, At Tilbury by Kat Otis
  • Rose by Any Other Name by Brian K Lowe
  • Late Bloom by Melanie Rees
  • The Hour of the Rat by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • At the Feet of Neptune’s Queen by Abraham Strongjohn


  • A Hill of Stars by Misha Burnett


  • My Name is John Carter by James Hutchings

Feature Column

  • Retrospective: Toyman by E.C. Tubb by Jeffro Johnson

Cover Art

  • Jabari Weathers

Cirsova Cover Small

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