Death is on the Table

The subject of character death in DCC and ways to avoid or mitigate it has come up (including possibly introducing mechanics to get around death when the clerics aren’t with us for the session); I thought this a great article to share with the group.

Tales to Astound!


Expectations for RPGs can be so different for so many people and across so many kinds of games. This needs to be said, because many people assume that there is one right way to play an RPG, or certain technique ruin the fun of RPGs. But the fact is, 1) setting expectations; and 2) using the right techniques in the right combination, is key to getting good RPG play.

When I assembled my Lamentations of the Flame Princess game I sent out an email with the following email:

Lamenations of the Flame Princess is part of the Old School Renaissance of RPGs. A clean and sleek version of the early Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set, the game focuses on exploration, danger, and weird fantasy. The setting will not be Tolkien-esque, but a warped 17th century Europe where the strange and magical is rare, inexplicable, and invasive.

OSR games in general…

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