Dunhams Destroys, Cirsova Builds

I will pay triple what Dunhams Manor is offering for the opposite of what they’re asking for.

Take the kind of story that Lovecraft, Merritt, Dunsany, Chambers or your other favorite pre-Derlethian weird writer would’ve told and tell it without any irony, any deconstruction, any tongue-in-cheek, any post-modern moralizing or mockery.

Tell a good classic pulpy science fiction story with a twinge of existentialist horror via alien and isolating elements.  Or take a heroic fantasy approach to the Mythos; tell a story of the naked apes struggling to survive in the world ruled by Elder Gods and Old Ones.

Ironic hipster parodies and Cthululz have been the norm for decades.  Those need to be destroyed, not Lovecraft, and I’m willing to pay good money to authors who’ll do it.

More of this:


Less of this:


Please no dropping nukes on Cthulhu.  Note that modern and contemporary ::fingerquote:: “Lovecraftian” fiction or detective noir pastiches will be rejected unless you really bring something great to the table.

It will be a few months (probably April) before Cirsova officially opens submissions for issue #2, but consider this a heads up.  We pay .01 per word with a bonus .01 for the first 2500 words.

Yes, there will be a 2nd Issue.  More on that soon…

12 responses to “Dunhams Destroys, Cirsova Builds

  1. I’ve pledged to this project as it’s absolutely the kind of magazine/fiction I love to support, and indeed write for. I’d be happy to submit fiction to it. Last year my tribute to pulp fiction, NICK NIGHTMARE INVESTIGATES won the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection. The stories in the book are based around a hard-boiled private eye and his ongoing battle with Cthulhu and the Dark Gods. Although the stories are written in the first person in a Mickey Spillane style, they are not put-downs or mickey takes. I’ve had some good reviews, and people who like old fashioned pulp seem to like the yarns. If something like this would fit the magazine, I’d be happy to submit. see my website at adriancscole.com for more info.

    • Hi! Thanks for your interest and thanks for supporting the kickstarter!

      I’m a little wary of PI/Detective vs. Cthulhu stories, but I’d certainly be interested in taking a look. Just be aware that they may be outside of the scope of magazine.

      I haven’t had a chance to get very far into them yet (didn’t realized Lord of Nightmare was second book and only recently found the other two), but I think stuff in the vein of your Dream Lords books might be more appropriate for Cirsova.

      I will probably be opening submissions in about 4 or 5 weeks for the second issue. I hope you’ll consider sending something!

      • yes,definitely keen to submit – I write quite a variety of material, so would hope to meet the criteria. look forward to seeing the mag so I have a better idea.

  2. OK! I would very much like to submit a short story to Cirsova #2. Actually I’ve done one. Set in 1931. May or may not suit, as the main character is a crooked detective lieutenant in California, but the McGuffin is an authentic copy of the original Arabic NECRONOMICON. Played completely seriously.

    • Great timing; I’ve just added the new submissions guidelines page which you will find under the top-level menu page for the magazine.

      As mentioned in the above post, I’m a bit apprehensive about mythos detective stories, in part because they seem to be the most common and, I feel, offer the least opportunity to explore the themes of Lovecraft in new and unique ways. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take a look, though.

      The best examples I could give you of “Lovecraftian” stories by writers other than Lovecraft that would fall into the vein of what I’m looking for would Fritz Leiber’s novella The Dealings of Daniel Kesserich or Stanislaw Lem’s Doctor Diagoras. Of course, since Cirsova is primarily heroic fantasy, some fusion of Leiber’s Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser type stories with At the Mountains of Madness, the Mound or the Lost City would be high priority. If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, I also recommend checking out Misha Burnett’s A Hill of Stars in issue #1. The Kindle version will be out (and briefly free) next week.

      Thanks for your interest!

    • I saw this and it confused me. Who is Daddy Warpig? Is he attacking Cirsova or Dunhams Manor? And who is offering “triple” pay for what?It’s probably a lot of hot air (if anyone takes a dislike to my own fiction, I don’t give much of a damn, unless they have something constructive to say. you win some, you lose some.)I don’t intend to comment on Daddy Warpig’s comment, but just wondered what all this actually means!Adrian

      • Oh, he’s probably talking about Dunhams. Daddy Warpig is a good friend and has been a loyal supporter for some time.

        Between Cirsova and Dunham it was mostly hot air. Dunham’s was putting together a Lovecraft spoofing collection and I used it as a springboard noting we were higher paying while looking for original, non-ironic Lovecraftian fiction. This call actually did end up getting us quite a few submissions from some well-knowns, so on our end it was worth it. I do feel a little guilty that Dunhams felt the need to add disclaimers to their collection.

      • It’s also worth noting that apparently since they first announced, Dunhams raised their pay rates for this project to be more or less on par with ours. If nothing else, writers getting paid more for their work is a win in my book.

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