Plotting a Plantation

Thought this was neat and you might enjoy if I shared it.  The scan didn’t pick up the graph paper’s details very well, so I added a few labels in paint.


I volunteered to be party foreman for the restoration of the abandoned sugar cane plantation we’re rebuilding.  Anyone who actually knows a thing or two about planning farms could probably point out why this is terribad, but it’s probably good enough for D&D.

Phase 1: Set up temp barracks (10 x 20), warehouse (40 x 40), tool shed (10×10), and 4 temporary long houses (20 x 30 each).

Phase 2: construct three 10×10 wooden guard towers (fairly simple ones, covered platforms 12′ off the ground).

Phase 3: Repair the Old House

Phase 4: Distillery (40 x 30), 2 small warehouses (30 x 30), small stable (30 x 30)

Phase 5: Introduce farm workers to begin working fields. Build two small cart bridges over the spring stream. (20’ x 10)

Phase 6: Begin work on palisade; Palisade Phase 1: 2070’ of walls.  two 20’ gates.  Six 30×30 guard towers. Four 10 x 10 gate towers.

Phase 6: Build additional housing (five more 20 x 30 long houses) and 30 x 40 for special personnel; SW old Guard Tower dismantled; E Guard tower moved to center of east palisade wall.

Phase 7: Expand warehouses (40 x 40 to 100 x 40, 30 x 30s to 40 x 50 and 50 x 60)

Phase 8: Expand distillery to 40’ x 80’, expand stable to 30’ x 60’.  Build 90’ privacy fence between old house and distillery for Namia.

Phase 9: Extend palisade north and east to free up more arable land.

Phase 10: clear and cultivate additional acreage.

Our DM will be tallying up construction expenses.  We’re going to have our work cut out for us looking for a way to pay for all of this.

Update: here’s a better quality scan.


2 responses to “Plotting a Plantation

  1. Your DM might want to take a peak at a Pathfinder supplement, Ultimate Campaign. I don’t play pathfinder but I was flipping through it at the FLGS and saw it had tons of neat stuff about downtime, building your stronghold or tavern or whatever you want. My players throw me curve balls but they never decided to set themselves a goal of making craft rum.
    Sounds like an awesome game.

    • Our DM is not wanting for supplements, though most of his are ones from the OSR community. His collection of weird zines and indie products is pretty mindblowing, but more impressive is his efforts to try to incorporate what he has into his game. My pick-pocket attempts generally get rolled on a table from some scary-looking little black book and my spellsword’s armor came from some creepy horror-gore zine (maybe The Undercroft? I don’t know for sure.)

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