#gamergate in a nutshell

This comic probably best captures my frustrations with the Gamergate movement.  There was a lot of missing the forest for the trees.



3 responses to “#gamergate in a nutshell

  1. How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time.

    Aren’t most of the GG crowd fully aware that they are fighting to preserve a last patch of ground on a battlefield that is largely held by the enemy? You’d know better than I, but from here in the cheap seats it doesn’t look like the people on the front lines are operating under the illusion that winning this small fight is the key to the whole culture war, but rather they understand that this turning point is just that – the start.

    • In one sense they are, but part of what attracted me was the hope that folks would realize that game journos conspiring to craft narratives and sleeping with game devs was the tip of the ice-berg and would bring light to things like the Washington press corp sleeping with and marrying congressional staffers; way more energy than should’ve been was spent by liberals and progressives in gamergate to prove their liberal bonafides and try to distance themselves from ‘right wing narratives’ than looking into how far the rot in the media went.

      Overall, it was a victory, but a much smaller one than I felt it should’ve been considering that the battle-cry was ethics in journalism.

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