Cirsova Kickstarter Update

The Kickstarter for Cirsova Issue 1 is a little more than half over.  We’ve also raised almost 150% of our goal with 42 backers!

As a special thank you, I’m putting up – for backers only – a special sneak peek at one of the featured stories.  I want to show that Cirsova is the real deal.

Please continue to share and spread the word about this.

Here is the planned roll-out of magazine as soon as the Kickstarter finishes:

Backers for advertisements get their ads in.

Start fulfillment for backers at Hardcover level. (These will be fulfilled first, as there will be no additional layout work required.)

Once ads are placed, PDF versions will go out to all backers.

Start softcover fulfillment for ad backers and bulk-buyers.

Start softcover fulfillment for all other backers.

Editor signed copies will probably arrive last if only because they have to be shipped to me first and then mailed out to backers.


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