A long political rant – please ignore

My biggest fear is that we’re a country on the brink of civil war. The formerly fringe cuckoo-bird left has risen to such power and prominance in certain pockets of our society, particularly in higher education, and their adherants are so ready to take up violent and dangerous methods against those they’ve been taught to believe are their “enemies” that many of the “saner” elements of the American middle have been driven towards accepting the possibility that they have no choice but align themselves with those who are prepared to take violent measures to stop that fringe.

Today the internet erupted when a young man posted a picture of a young woman in a classroom on her laptop which sported a Trump sticker, and he said “7000 retweets and i’ll smash this bitch’s computer“. He got more than thrice that many retweets and favorites.*  This is not an isolated incident. People are unsafe on campuses across America, threatened and roughed up by fellow students and -worse- faculty and staff. How bad are things going to be when these kids get out of school and into the real world? “You lost this one, bro” indeed!

Things are coming to head in the 2016 election in which conservatism has been traded for nationalist populism because people are scared that it’s the only thing that will keep them safe from crusty old communists being propped up by violent millenial agitators. Lucky for us, America is a large enough country that once people actually do start shooting each other in the streets, there’s a decent chance that it won’t be YOUR street that it’s happening on.

I try to stay out of the weeds of politics, I really do, but these days, I’m scared. I’m honest to god for real scared, because there doesn’t seem to be any safe exit strategy. Even if there were a magic unicorn running this cycle who was going to do all of the right things and set America on the road to recovery, there’s no fixing the millions of useless, willfully ignorant, and sociopathically dangerous and violent millenials who are shrieking in faces, smearing themselves with fake blood, carrying mattresses around campuses, calling for an end to free speech, bullying and abusing fellow students in the name of equality and progress, stuffing spaghettios in their vag, and all other manner of entirely worthless or destructive activities being cranked out of the American university system.

John Dewey played the long game and won. It took a century, but by introducing cultural marxism into the education system and working it into every level, progressivism finally was able to create a large enough mass of brainwashed youth to effectively destroy an entire generation’s ability to become productive and useful members of a free society.

I really do pick the worst times to start new entrepreneurial ventures!

*:New reports are out that he actually punched the woman in the hallway AFTER being let go by campus authorities.

12 responses to “A long political rant – please ignore

    • I suppose your right, though that’s small consolation. It’s just I keep seeing people on all sides rubbing their hands hoping that it’s finally going to be their turn to smash some heads, and I’m scared for anyone who’s going to be caught in the middle of it.

  1. I don’t think things are as a bad as they look, honestly. The next generation does contain a lot of insanity, true, but there are also a great number who simply want to be left alone to make their own lives.

      • The thing to remember is that Leftism is a disease of the affluent. People who have to work full time just to get by don’t have time for such nonsense. But as Leftists gain more power they implement policies that destroy affluence. Socialism is inherently self-defeating.

      • One can talk all they want about self-defeating ideologies, but don’t forget the blood on the Jacobins hands before they self-defeated. I mean, how much affluence would have to be destroyed and how big would the collateral damage be?

      • The difference is that this unrest isn’t against aristocracy, it’s being fed by the aristocracy. The minute that these mobs get tired of burning their own homes and march on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s going to be all over.

  2. Reality check. Do you remember folks tarring everyone in any movements you felt kinship with over the acts of a few people you didn’t think were representative of the movement? Maybe with the initials GG?

    I’m not sure that I’d be so worried about millennials putting spaghetti-os up their stuff (is that really a thing?) when Y’all Quaida are occupying federal facilities and “sovereign citizens” are gunning down cops. Honestly the constant “THEY took my country away” rhetoric is a lot more damaging to discorse than college pranks. (The dude you referenced is obviously a whack job and if this the cause celebre for persecution of rightwingers, things are going pretty damn well for them).

    There’s always been a lot of crazy in America, we just hear more about it because of social media. No one on the left wants civil war. Based on the turnout for Y’all Quaeda I don’t even think the right does.

    • Interior Semiotics girl (yeah, Spaghettios was a real thing) is less worrying and more symptomatic. I think you’re wrong that people on the left don’t want civil war. It’s not the whole left, by any stretch, but it’s a large and growing contingent that has sprung up in recent years. To me, the problem is two-fold: the militant left has become such a dominating and driving force that it has taken over the course and narrative of left wing politics and the militant right has been itching for an excuse to say “look what you made us do.” People on all sides seem to be losing their minds these days. I sure as hell don’t think that the right deciding they’re going to become Charles Bronson in Death Wish is a good thing. Even if it’s a tiny fractional portion of either side, it’s going to be hell for anyone who just wants to keep their head down and stay out of the crossfire.

      Have the federal land occupiers been taking shots at cops?

      • As far as I know they were all just threats, and statements about being willing to die, except for the one guy that supposedly reached for a gun and was killed. AFAIK the remaining ones are standing down today?

        In any case you did warn me to ignore this and that it is a rant, so carry on. 🙂

      • This was mostly therapeutic ranting anyway (something I probably need to start doing elsewhere); I just wish my map of Triton was generating as much traffic and interest!

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