Map of Triton

Finding a map of Triton is way more difficult than it should be.  My google-fu was weak, and though I was able to find a great site that listed all named features on Triton with coordinates and found great images of the surface, I wasn’t able to easily find any that put the two together, and was frankly too lazy to try to hand map a moon.  None of the books I looked through in the library had anything, either.

Fortunately, one of the guys I game with was correct in his guess that if a detailed map of Triton were anywhere, it would most likely be somewhere on an astronomy wonk’s web 1.0 site.  And sure enough, hiding out of view of google image searches and split into multiple separate pieces was a pretty good labelled map of Neptune’s moon!  Thanks for finding this for me, James!

So that other people won’t have the same problem I did, I’ve pieced together a few of the more detailed sections (V2 didn’t get a great look at Triton; I left off blank and blurred sections) into a map that may show up on image searches.

The source for the original maps can be found here, at Views of the Solar System.  I claim no ownership of this image.

Map of Triton Moon of Neptune

Click to enlarge.

One response to “Map of Triton

  1. That map is just the thing while listening to the new Medicide!

    I have to look up naming conventions for planetary features. Its all very poetic. I wish I had seen this before for angles on naming made up features on my made up planets.

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