And Now for Something Completely Similar: Fanzine & Fancast Recommendations

Admittedly, I don’t follow a whole lot of Fanzines out there, so this list will be shorter than my list of Fanwriters, but I did want to give some shout-outs:

The Book Wars ( – The Book Wars tends to cover a lot of stuff I don’t normally read and sadly often don’t get around to, but they are arguably one the best fanzines focused on Young Adult literature, much of which includes Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Even though I usually haven’t read the books they’re talking about, I’m always interested in reading what they have to say about them.

Castalia House ( – There’s a lot of great writing going on at Castalia House, and it keeps getting better.  I’m not just saying that because I have a column there.  Jeffro’s RETROSPECTIVE series here is one of the major highlights, but there’s a lot of other great stuff that is rapidly making CH the connoisseur’s STF and gaming magazine.

Superversive SF ( – This is one of those sites that makes me really wish that commercial wordpress sites could be followed through free wordpress’ reader feed.  There’s a great range of writers here covering a wide range of topics in science fiction.

Lurking Rhythmically ( – I’ll say that this counts as a fanzine since it’s a site shared by two writers.  They cover everything from guns to games, from Traveller to My Little Pony; it’s one of my favorite sites that I check less often than I should (why are so many of the best sites on blogspot!?)

File770 ( – File770 is indisputably one of the best places to go if you want a snap-shot of what’s going on in SF today.

Mad Genius Club ( ) – Though I find myself reading MGC less regularly these days, there’s always at least one post a week that I find worthwhile bits in.  It’s more shop-talk than SF, but as an indie who’s trying to figure out what’s what, the shop-talk can be helpful and informative.  I also enjoy Sarah Hoyt’s rants, even if I don’t always have time to read more than the first few paragraphs of them.

Onto Fancasts!  There’s only so much youtube time in the day, so I don’t follow a lot of fancasts, but these that I do are excellent.

Honey Badger Radio: Nerd Cast & Nerdrevolt – These guys get together a great array of guests from sci-fi and gaming to talk about all things nerdy, books, games, TV, movies and music.  It’s one of the best and broadest fancasts out there.

NEET LIFE: Dead Gamers Talking – This podcast is mostly gaming focused, but it’s absolutely hilarious. Socks is one of the best ranters on the tubes, and Optimus Deadpool never fails to crack me up.


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