Interview: P. Alexander

I’ve got an interview up over at Planetary Defense Command, and this time I’m the one being interviewed! Check it out!

And don’t forget, there are only a few days left on the Cirsova Kickstarter; be sure to put in to get pre-order pricing on a soft-cover or get one of the Kickstarter-exclusive hardbound copies. There’s also advertising space left if you’d like to advertise your book, your game or your blog.

Planetary Defense Command

I’m in the back of a speeding van, loading a light machine gun. “How’d they find us so fast?”

Cara looks over her shoulder from the driver’s seat. “Yeah, how did they spot four heavily-armed, ethnically-diverse strangers in a small town, driving a van with your logo on the side?”

“Shut up, fool!” I kick open the van’s rear door and fire off an entire belt of 200 rounds at the pursuing military police. None of my bullets hit, but one car swerves and runs a front wheel up a handicapped-access ramp. The speeding car tips on its side, then flops onto its roof, exploding in a fireball. Its occupants climb from the wreckage unharmed and shake their fists at us.

I load another belt into my machine gun, yelling to be heard over the road noise. “Hamilcar, tell me you got a plan.”

Hamilcar chomps on a cigar as…

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