Cirsova Sponsoring Annual One Page Dungeon Contest

I’ve had a couple entries in the One Page Dungeon contest over the years, and it has always been a lot of fun to see what sort of wild and woolly stuff comes out of the OSR community.  For obvious reasons, I won’t have time to whip up an entry of my own, but I still wanted to take part this year, so…

Cirsova will be sponsoring the 2016 One Page Dungeon contest, offering PDF and Physical copies of the first issue to winners.

Visit for more details.

Random Wizard, one of my favorite OSR Bloggers Emeritus, took up the torch to keep this party going when Alex Schroeder stepped down.  This is one of the great traditions in the OSR community and the RPG Blog Alliance (RIP), so I’m proud to be a part of it and want to see it rolling along for years to come.

I think there may still be a minute to back the Kickstarter.  We’re funded at almost 200%


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