Open for Business

Cirsova is now open for business.  Well, I’ve been open for business, but now Cirsova is registered as officially and legally open for business.  I wonder if I can start writing off my pulp purchases as “research”…

Cirsova will have a booth at River City Comic Expo this summer; I’m serious about trying to get this out there and in the public eye.  Good for me and better for contributors.  Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to miss the North Texas RPG con for this one, so I won’t be able to use the new printing of DCC I’ll have by then to collect autographs.  Oh, well.

I’m counting down the days until I can start shipping out backer rewards.  Issue 1 is so close to going out, I can taste it.  Most of the surveys are in.  All I really need now is for Kickstarter to fork over the money.  Issue 1 ought to be live on Amazon by early-mid March.

I intend to begin accepting submissions for issue 2 as soon as all backer rewards are fulfilled.  Consider this your notice; if you want in on Cirsova Issue 2, get writing!  I’ll have more details available as soon as I am ready to officially begin accepting stories.  The second issue will have a target release of sometime in September.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the Kickstarter and helped get the word out.

7 responses to “Open for Business

  1. This gets better and better. Cirsova Inc.! If anyone thought you didn’t mean business with the mag, well, you are a business! So you can give them the business for doubting you. There is enough time to really plan so if I can do anything to help support the table at the con let me know. There could be some cool swag.

    • No “Inc.” yet; incorporation fees are steep enough to make me apprehensive so long as this is still on a hobbyist scale. This mostly means that when I get around to setting things up, I can write you guys checks that say “Cirsova” on them.

      But yeah, when things got closer to go time, I was probably going to hit up contributors to see if there was anything they’d like for me to sell at the booth for them. I have an idea that I’ll probably run by everyone once I get the kickstarter dealt with.

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