Questions For People Reading my Blog

Did I ever give a shout-out or shill for Alastair Reynolds that I forgot about?

Or is my WordPress inserted advert that I don’t see an advert for Slow Bullets?

My stats indicate I’m giving it some Amazon traffic.  Is it worth checking out?  Let me know! (Reviews seem… mixed.)51DA6aYTieL

Alastair Reynolds, if you’re reading this, has anyone from my site bought your book?

Update: Mystery Solved!  There were links to this and a few other SF books in a post I reshared and for whatever reason, searching one’s own WordPress posts doesn’t return results for shared/reblogged content.


2 responses to “Questions For People Reading my Blog

  1. I recently read it because it was nominated for the Planetary Awards. The setup/situation is interesting, but a couple of spoilers are written into the early part of the book, killing the suspense. Later in the book, the characters make some (to me) very strange decisions. I’ll write a blog post about it once I’ve posted a few others I’ve been working on.

    • Aha! Thanks! I’ll bet reshared content doesn’t show up on searches. I’ll bet the amazon traffic I’ve been generating to books I can’t remember talking about come from those.

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