Kickstarter Update!

Spent the morning fulfilling backer rewards.  I’m around 2/5th of the way through sending physical copies to fulfillment.  People may be getting their copies as early as mid-March.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking care of the rest of the softcover orders.  Then, out go the pdfs.  Then, in come the submissions for issue #2!  I’ll have more to say on that next week.

My head is spinning!  This is crazy-go-nuts!  Okay, I’m good now.  All I have to do is chill out enough to get other stuff I need to do done without my mind being on the Kickstarter.

“Oh, my gosh, I’m totally letting all of my backers down by not fulfilling their orders RIGHT NOW!”  Then I remember that the money has only been in my bank account for three hours.

Wait… what?  It’s not in my bank account yet?  Okay, it’s only been three hours since the EFT was initiated.

Calm down.  We can do this.  All right.  Yeah.



2 responses to “Kickstarter Update!

  1. Deep breaths, deep breaths….

    What’s weird to me is it just seems like only a short time ago you posted the call for stories. Now it will be in the mail soon. Awesome.

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