Pulps and Puppies

Cirsova got a mention the other day in a French SFF blog post where I get name dropped as a Puppy supporter. It’s in French, but fortunately French is one of those languages that doesn’t parse into total gibberish with translation software.

The Short version is ‘the Puppies are made up of ultraconservative American authors’ and ‘while the Puppies are nominally defenders of the pulps and the pulpy, they might not actually be very pulpy in practice’.

While the first point is utter nonsense, the latter is a bit more interesting. Yes, my biggest gripe with the Puppies was that I didn’t feel like they were putting forth the sort of pulpy SF that I’d hoped for. Even this year there’s a lot of squee about Tuesdays with Molakesh the Destroyer that I just don’t get.

It’s less, I think, that the Puppies aren’t what they claim to be and more they are not what others claim them to be.

I supported the Puppies largely because a lot of what I saw written about them was awful bald-faced lies, but also in part because based on those bald-faced lies I expected something different; what I read between the lines of the lies ended up being rather false as well. If the critics of the Puppies hadn’t called them sexist, racist, homophobic nazis who wanted to put people on trains and send them to the camps after running women and non-white authors out of science fiction rather than let their recommendations stand or fall on their own, I probably wouldn’t have been so outspoken on the Puppies’ behalf.

I’ve already posted most of my recommendations for the Hugos this year. It’ll be interesting to see how they jibe with whatever the Puppies pick, but I doubt there will be much overlap in the categories I talked about.  A lot of what’s on my ballot hasn’t matched Ted’s recommendations and I doubt it’ll match what Kate, Sarah and Amanda eventually post.  I don’t know if that makes me Puppy or not this year.

Back to the original post, I’m glad this guy pointed out Airship 27; I took a look at the website and I think I’ll be checking out. It’s also cool that this guy talks about Pulp influence in the OSR community (of which I consider myself to be part). Hey, man Appendix N and all that! OSR is what got me embroiled in the Hugos last year in the first place when Jeffro Johnson got his nod.

Anyway, I appreciate the mention and hope that Fabian considers checking out issue #1 of Cirsova. I think he’d dig it.

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