Submissions for Cirsova Issue 4 is still open! (Except if you’re reading this now, they’re not)

Important Update: We are pretty full up – at this point, we are already looking at options to keep too many good stories from bumping one another out of our available slots.  We have decided that it would be better to close submissions a week early rather than be forced to send out more rejection letters to authors competing in an already crowded pool of submissions.

Issues 2 & 3 are full, but we’re still buying for 4!

Important Update:

We’re good on Fantasy stories!  We have more than enough fantasy stories to fill several issues, so even if you send a really good fantasy story, chances are getting slimmer and slimmer that we’ll be able to buy it.

So what should you send?  Raygun Romances!

Spacemen and Spacecops on Mars or Venus or Mercury, investigating unrest among the natives, corruption in the colonial monopolies, intrigues in the native royal courts, planning revolts to reclaim the ancient cities from the Earth Man, freeing enslaved earth from alien monsters or even hunting Nazis on hidden jungle moons.

Examples of the kinds of stories which will be top priority going forward:

The Spider-Men of Gharr by Wilbur Peacock

Raiders of the Second Moon by Basil Wells

Red Witch of Mercury by Emmett McDowell

Lorelei of the Red Mist by Leigh Brackett & Ray Bradbury

The Martian Circe by Raymond F Jones

Moon of Danger by Albert de Pina


I’ve created a proper webpage for the magazine, which you can find up there on the top menu.

I’ve posted updated submission guidelines as well so that people aren’t looking at a six month old blog post.

I’ve added a contributor page which will contain a list of all Cirsova contributors and their contributions linked to where else you can find those individuals on the web.  This will be updated on an ongoing basis as each new issue comes out.

Cirsova’s listing at The Grinder should be updated soon, and Cirsova now has its own Duotrope listing.

Depending on how many submissions I receive, I plan on keeping the submission period open through the end of April.  That gives me late-may through June to do edits and layout, get cover art done.  June and July will be for physical proof reviews.  We’ll do another pre-order Kickstarter from mid-July to mid-August, which will have issue #2 out in early September.

For the first issue, one of my biggest fears was that I wouldn’t get enough good stories. That turned out to be totally wrong.  Now my biggest fear is that I will have more good stories than I could possibly include.  I haven’t decided what to do yet in case I get buried under a deluge of amazing science fiction that I can’t fit in a single issue.  If issues 1 and 2 do incredibly well and I have a solid gold slush pile, I’ll keep my options open and look into what I can do about getting more stories published.

My biggest recommendations to those considering submitting:

-Grab the free ebook while you can!

-Send me some Sword & Planet and Raygun Romance!  We’ve been getting a lot of fantasy, which is great, but a smash-up S&P or Raygun Romance would be high priority!

-Square-jawed space barbarians and gorgeous dames are not a pre-requisite, but don’t forget this is principally a Romance genre; a good love story between competent individuals (dames =/= damsels) facing long odds (such as aliens, monsters, robots or alien monsters riding robots) may score bonus points.


11 responses to “Submissions for Cirsova Issue 4 is still open! (Except if you’re reading this now, they’re not)

  1. I’ve been looking for a S&P/S&S market for a long time now, and I just discovered Cirsova today! I have a pulpy alt-Earth story (complete with winged interdimensional aliens, hovering cities, jetpacks, and electro-swords) looking for a home, as well as a long-gestating pair of adventure series (one S&P and one S&S/HF) in progress. I’ve published a few Lovecraftian stories and horror/mysteries, which I adore, but adventurous sf/f was my first love and it’s so exciting to find a market tailored for that sort of thing.

    Do you have ongoing submissions for future issues, or will there be a firm cut-off at the end of this month (and if so, when will you expect to reopen?).

    • That sounds pretty awesome! The firm cutoff for this year’s issues is the end of this month, but we will be reopening the submission period for 2017 issues later this year (possibly around October).

      Things are going to be a real tight squeeze for our winter issue; even possibly doubling our page space for that issue to accommodate all of the excellent submissions we’ve received, some really good stories may be bumping each other off. That said, I’d absolutely be interested in seeing what you have to offer. If we like what we see, maybe we can work something out.

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