What Are Cirsova’s Contributors Up To?

Jabari Weathers has a couple of stunning pieces in 1001 Knights.

Brian K. Lowe has a new book out, The Secret City, second book in the Stolen Future Trilogy.

Schuyler Hernstrom has a new short fiction collection out (which I will talk about more in depth soon).

Melanie Rees has two new short stories out, one in Aurealis #88 and the other in The Flash Fiction Press.

Kat Otis was recently featured on Far Fetched Fables.

Misha Burnett has fiction out in the 2016 Immerse Or Die Anthology, All These Shiny Worlds.

James Hutchings has a new reference book out.

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt is working on a Novel, but also has stories out in Gothic Fantasy Science Fiction Short Stories and Cast of Wonders.

Jeffro Johnson is producing an astonishing amount of gaming and Appendix N content at Castalia House while he puts the finishing touches on his Retrospective omnibus.

Abraham Strongjohn hopes Magelords of Ruach will be finished in time for Cirsova #3 in spring.

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