An invitation to join the Eldritch Earth Geophysical Society

If you’re an author considering Cirsova’s offer on Lovecraftian stories, please consider taking a look at this. While I’m not saying “this is the only kind of Lovecraft story I’m looking for”, I think it’s a great example of a unusual and exciting take on the Mythos that isn’t strictly an investigator tale. And it’s definitely not Cthululz.

Misha Burnett’s new Eldritch Earth project is something I am 100% behind.


Cirsova Magazine Issue #1 is on the (virtual) stands, and Cirsova Magazine Issue #2 is currently accepting submissions.   It’s a magazine devoted to heroic pulp fiction, “Sword & Planet” style weird fiction–action, adventure, and danger on exotic worlds.

I have a story in Cirsova #1, it’s a novella called “A Hill Of Stars”.  I wanted to mashup two of my favorite pulp era authors–H P Lovecraft and E R Burroughs. So I set my story on Earth approximately 365 million years ago, at the end of the Great Old One’s dominion.  I have a mix of dinosaurs, Lovecraftian horrors, and human beings (the humans having been created by the Great Old Ones by “flash-evolving” proto-mammals in order to make intelligent servants).

I call my world the “Eldritch Earth”, and I am looking for authors interested in creating new stories set in this world.  I have a few places mapped…

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2 responses to “An invitation to join the Eldritch Earth Geophysical Society

  1. All over this! Pulpy authors sharing a pulpy world. This is very Howard, very Lovecraft. All my stories take place somewhere in my murky subconscious. But Misha is giving it more thought and he is letting other kids in the sandbox. I love that setting. Primordial and weird! Lots of scope there. Bizarre rituals atop god carved ziggurats, primitive men and savage beasts, all subject to the whim of terrible powers. Its going to be fun.

    • Yeah, I’m trying to get the word out. There are some pretty significant names signing on to his idea. I’d go so far as to say that this could be one of the most significant things to happen in Lovecraft fiction in years.

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