Cirsova Issue #1 Free Kindle Edition Promo

Cirsova Issue #1 will be free on Kindle through Saturday.

If you’re one of the awesome book bloggers who is following me (you know who you are!), now is your chance.

This is also for authors considering submissions for future issues; check out the market you’re submitting to and get a feel for what we’re looking for.

Most of all, enjoy!  If you like us, please leave an Amazon review!

Also, now that the Kindle edition is available, it will be offered as a free download to any

Amazon purchase of a physical copy.

My biggest recommendations to those considering submitting:

-Grab the free ebook while you can!

-Send me some Sword & Planet and Raygun Romance!  We’ve been getting a lot of fantasy, which is great, but a smash-up S&P or Raygun Romance would be high priority!

-Square-jawed space barbarians and gorgeous dames are not a pre-requisite, but don’t forget this is principally a Romance genre; a good love story between competent individuals (dames =/= damsels) facing long odds (such as aliens, monsters, robots or alien monsters riding robots) may score bonus points.

Update 2:
Hey, we’re number 2 in SF Anthology free downloads! Top Free Cirsova # 2.png Neato!  “Best Given Away SF Anthology” doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Best Selling SF Anthology”, but right now, the important thing is, we’re getting out there!

This is cool!  Maybe next week we can be number 5 in the Top 100 Paid.

Top Free Cirsova



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