Curse you, Vox Day!

Not quite the cross-over appeal I was expecting.

Space Raptor


6 responses to “Curse you, Vox Day!

  1. Someone-who-despises-the-Hugo-awards-but-mentions-his-Hugo-nominations-in-every-press-release-or-bio-he-writes, that guy evidently has been sending traffic to Mr. Tingle’s book, and you have associated yourself with him via the blog, so maybe that’s the connection.

    • Guessing how Amazon’s “Looked At” works, chances are, if even a fraction of the people who’ve checked out the zine also clicked through Vox’s recommendations (which is a decent possibility), something as new as Cirsova could be linked in a such a way. Plus, I’m sure it won’t help that last night one of my friends and I started clicking through and laughing at some of the ridiculous titles Tingle has out there.

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