Another Submissions Update!

Amazingly enough, I’ve managed to more or less stay on top of submissions!  I’m through a little over half of what I’ve already received, even though  I’ve been getting as many as half a dozen new ones each day.

My biggest recommendations to those considering submitting:

-Grab the free ebook while you can!

-Send me some Sword & Planet and Raygun Romance!  We’ve been getting a lot of fantasy, which is great, but a smash-up S&P or Raygun Romance would be high priority!

-Square-jawed space barbarians and gorgeous dames are not a pre-requisite, but don’t forget this is principally a Romance genre; a good love story between competent individuals (dames =/= damsels) facing long odds (such as aliens, monsters, robots or alien monsters riding robots) may score bonus points.

-Probably don’t send anything Novella / Novelette length; you’ll have a better chance of being accepted if you send something in the 2500-7500 word range.  Each issue of Cirsova can probably fit about 45,000 words of content without exceeding our page count, so I will probably only be able to buy one or two Novelettes per issue.

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