More Reviews of Cirsova’s Contents

JD Cowan at And Between the Wasteland and Sky has finished his three part review of Cirsova Issue #1.

Here, he covers Late Bloom, The Hour of the Rat, A Hill of Stars and Jeffro’s essay on Toyman.

The Hour of the Rat really is a standout piece (a lot of people I’ve talked to have said the same)—even though it seems out of left-field in some regards and is different from several of the other pieces in issue 1 on a lot of counts, it really underscores a lot of what makes a good and exciting heroic fantasy story.  Perhaps moreso because the components used to tell it—the characters and period/setting—are atypical.  It’s really the sort of thing I would give out to a creative writing class and say “Look what this writer did!”



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