Slowly Emerging From the Submission Swamp

What’s this?  Only a handful of stories left in my submission pile?  I’ll have to celebrate!

Maybe I’ll play some more Majora’s Mask tonight.  I need to read more Planet Stories to stay on top of Short Reviews, but I’ve read nearly 50 sci-fi short stories in the last three weeks, so I think I’ll take the night off.  I have decided with certainty that I will be buying for at least two issues.  Three?  We’ll have to see…  The outpouring from the community, the quantity and the quality of submissions I’ve received have been really something!  I’m also happy to find that, even though I’ve received a LOT of stories, I haven’t been overwhelmed, nor have I felt like I’m in any danger of burning out.

I’m toying with the notion of buying up multiple issues worth of content in a single go so that I’m only spending a couple months out of the year reading submissions and the rest of the year I can work on my stack of pulps and old SF books.  I’ll have a system down eventually…

Help me pull this off by buying a copy of issue 1.  If you’ve already bought an issue, leave a review on Amazon.  Let’s make this thing meteoric!

Submissions ARE still open.  Your best bet, if you want me to buy your story, is to hunker down, spend a weekend reading Brackett & Bradbury’s Lorelei of the Red Mist, Vance’s Galactic Effectuator, and Gallagher’s Torchship then regurgitate the ideas those give you in 5000-7500 words.

I’ve got some really cool stuff lined up over at Castalia House for the next few weeks, including a two part look at Conflict Games’ Imperium (a boardgame that was retroactively incorporated into the Traveller universe as its default setting), another Short Review, this time Peacock’s Spidermen of Gharr, and maybe a sweet interview.

For now, you can check out part two of my review of Musket & Pike.


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