Basic D&D Class: Prodigal Apprentice

Looks like I’m set to run B4 – The Lost City starting this friday.  I’m revisiting my old homebrew B/X classes in case someone would like to play test them.

I don’t know that the Abbey Monk will be particularly effective in the desert as he won’t be able to take advantage of his herblore, but I think that the Prodigal Apprentice class is worth presenting as an option.

I’ve made a 1 page PDF that can be downloaded here.  Note that this class is meant for use with Holmes basic or B/X groups that use Holmes’ or 1e AD&D’s magic system.Tovenaarsleerling_S_Barth

2 responses to “Basic D&D Class: Prodigal Apprentice

  1. That’s a great idea. There are some settings where this might be the only kind of MU — particularly if magic is inherently evil or alien. Perfect illustration too.

    • Thanks! I’m interested to see how it will play out, particularly in a module with very few scrolls lying around. While it has the potential to be significantly more powerful than a regular MU early on, it will rely heavily on resource conservation and making a continual effort to keep a supply of scrolls stocked to remain effective. Most of their money will go towards maintaining a cache of spells and will, ironically, be a reminder of sorts that maybe they should have finished their studies if they were serious about magic.

      And I used the thief as a base class because I think that it better captures the sort of adventuring scroll plundering magic user better than the base MU class.

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