One Page Dungeon Contest Reminder

As of right now, the annual One Page Dungeon contest has a lot of loot up for grabs and a relatively small field.  I know that by encouraging folks to participate, that pool aiming for the loot will increase, lowering the average participant’s chance proportionally, but you can always try to submit something awesome and hope you’re one of the only ones competing.  Or you can spread the word and make the OPD contest extra awesome with lots of cool entries to populate the hexcrawls of the rest of us.

Deadline is May 1st.

2 responses to “One Page Dungeon Contest Reminder

  1. A lot of people submit at the last minute, so I’m not too worried about how many are showing up on the site now. There always seems to be a deluge in the last week. But I agree — I’d rather have more OPDs in the world and lose, than win something by default because there are more prizes than entries! The way I see I win every year because the contest prodded me to produce something and I get dozens of usable adventures…

    • Needless to say, as a sponsor this year I’d like to see a big field.

      If my submission period hadn’t coincided with the contest, I’d probably be putting together something myself. These are always a lot fun – my faves are always the weird art dungeons that one might not necessarily be able to run but are cool to look at and, of course, the ones that are easiest to drop into a b/x game. Those two categories are often exclusive, but hey, who cares when you’ve got so many to go through!

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