2016 Cirsova Submissions Period Closing

Important Update: We are pretty full up – at this point, we are already looking at options to keep too many good stories from bumping one another out of our available slots.  We have decided that it would be better to close submissions a week early rather than be forced to send out more rejection letters to authors competing in an already crowded pool of submissions.

We’ve received nearly 100 stories, many of which were the sort of excellent and exciting pulpy yarn we’re looking for.  We are already juggling and weighing which stories can go into issue 4 and whether or not we can squeeze one or two more into issues 2 & 3, but it’s reached the point where we are going to have to say “no” to stories that we really like.  That’s already pretty awful without having to add to that list.

Again, a reminder, if you have not heard from us already,  your story is still under consideration, and you should be hearing from us soon.  We will begin making  offers in the next couple of weeks.

Our submission period will reopen in the fall to purchase content for 2017.

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