Chuck Tingle Shows Himself to Be One of the Bravest Authors in Sci-Fi as NK Jemisin Tries to Bully Him Into Rejecting His Hugo Nomination

Hugo Nominee NK Jemisin wants Chuck Tingle gone.


Chuck Tingle stands up to the bullying because LOVE IS REAL!


See, here is the thing: even if you think it is inappropriate or ridiculous that Tingle got a nomination, how freaking inappropriate is it for one nominee for an award (even if in a different category) to tell another that they should withdraw?  Frankly, I find it disgusting.

Another thing about Tingle; I had my doubts, but honestly, Tingle’s stuff is HILARIOUS! Most folks who aren’t immediately creeped out and turned off by the gay can’t help but find the guy and his stuff a riot.  Yesterday I saw someone say “did you ever think we put Tingle on there because he’s awesome?”, and yeah, I gotta say, especially what I’ve seen the last two days from him on twitter and in his interviews, that I agree.

Yesterday I even found a reading of his nominated story on youtube. It’s like a less preachy Left Hand of Darkness. (warning: VERY NSFW!)

On a tangentially related note, it’s strange seeing the folks wailing about My Little Pony getting a nod, considering short form is almost always full of comic book shows and Dr. Who.  Because god knows that a cartoon is going to taint the prestige of something frequently given to a reboot of a crusty old children show from 50 years ago.

11 responses to “Chuck Tingle Shows Himself to Be One of the Bravest Authors in Sci-Fi as NK Jemisin Tries to Bully Him Into Rejecting His Hugo Nomination

  1. Perhaps Jemisin should drop out just in case she prevented Cixin Liu from getting another nomination. (I remain mystified and a little bitter that The Dark Forest is being ignored. It’s better than The Three-Body Problem, which deservedly won last year, and better than Seveneves.)

    I haven’t decided yet whether I’m just going to ignore Tingle’s work or go batshit crazy with my review. It’s hard to pass on Space Raptors.

    • Just listen to the youtube, if you haven’t already. Frankly, I found it more entertaining than a lot of what I made it through last year.

      It’s one thing for the peanut gallery to say that someone should withdraw, but for one nominee to say that to another is just beyond the pale.

  2. I can’t even bring myself to order a free preview of Tingle’s work on Amazon. God only knows what sort of stuff will show up in my “Based on your interest in Chuck Tingle, you might like…,” advertisement feeds. Still, the whole thing is hilarious, and it’s not like Space Raptor Butt Invasion would be the *first* work of dinosaur erotica to win a Hugo.

    • Eh… for a couple days, Cirsova had Tingle as its ‘see also’ on Amazon; you’ll be fine. There’s always the people who do dramatic readings on youtube.

  3. How big a deal is Chuck Tingle? Where is he famous? I had literally never heard the name before Tuesday’s announcement of the noms. Gay sex is not my thing (actually, erotica as a whole isn’t my thing) but if he’s good at humor I’d like to see how he does it.

    • He apparently blew up last spring and was featured in several news articles for his surreal and totally absurdist approach to gay erotica. Check him on twitter. He’s hilarious.

  4. The AMA reddit was one of the funniest things I have ever read in my life. It was breathtaking. Whoever the author is he has that character down. People asking the questions were in the spirit of the thing and it made it even better. And then people get on Twitter and try to get him to refuse the nomination! That guy’s kung fu is strong, he isn’t going to leave character for fandom bullshit. Absolutely priceless. Nice try Ted Cobbler, nice try indeed!

    • I love the excerpts I’ve read from his new sequel to SRBI where lawyers bring in Lance the astronaut and tell him that space is a place for serious business and not love with dinosaurs. I kinda hope ‘his son’ will edit SRBI, Slammed in the Butt by My Own Hugo Award Nomination and this latest one into a cut-up Novella.

    • It’s interesting that Jemisin seems pretty sure that there is some important minority being kept off the final ballot by Tingle in particular and that, if it were not for the Rabid Puppies, the Hugos would be some kind of diversity parade.

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