review: Space Raptor Butt Redemption

I’ll admit, I’ve become invested in what becomes of Spacestronaut Lance Tanner and want to see how this turns out for him!

Lover, Raptor, Gentleman

Title:Space Raptor Butt Redemption

Author: Chuck Tingle

space raptor butt redemption

WhatWhat: Astronaut Lance Tanner, last seen in the Hugo-nominatedSpace Raptor Butt Invasion, stands trial. The charge is being too weird for space, and the lawyer argues that a serious, historical institution like space travel can’t be associated with Lance and his raptor lover Orion. Worse yet, Lance’s mission was funded by Scoundrels Inc., and even though he didn’t know that he’s somehow guilty by association. But a demonstration for the courts wins Lance his freedom and his raptor.

Money Quotes:

I am world-renowned astronaut, Lance Tanner of the Earth Outpost Program, sanctioned with the unequivocally important role of searching out planets that could one day be inhabitable for human life as Earth becomes more and more toxic. (loc 20)

So Lance’s Earth, much like the real one, is drowning in dangerous levels of toxic smug?

“I don’t support bad guys,”…

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4 responses to “review: Space Raptor Butt Redemption

    • I felt pretty much the same way until last year when a friend of mine got a nod and suddenly the internet was calling him a sexist racist homophobic neonazi for writing about D&D and the old Sci-fi books that inspired it. The same people who are now crapping on Chuck Tingle who has handled himself more spectacularly than anyone could imagine (except for his fans; I’m sure they knew he’d be this awesome about everything).

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