If Leigh Brackett Had Written Frozen

I’m about half-way through The Enchantress of Venus and got to wondering: what if Leigh Brackett, Queen of Sci-fi, had written Frozen?


The chill winds from her heart of ice blow their death across the hills of Denmark; he will not let it go.

Kristoff would’ve been folded into the character of Hans, who would have been more roguish from the beginning.

Anna would’ve been a false romantic lead for Hans/Kristoff, projecting childlike innocence and purity while seeing and bringing out the best in the flawed man.

Hans/Kristoff would be more intrigued by the darkness and strength of Elsa; he knows Anna would be a nice girl to settle down with, but there’s something about Elsa’s strength and anger that he sees as a challenge.

Anna would’ve died at some point tragically in a fire-fight against out of control snow monsters; she sheds a single tear as she dies in Hans/Kristoff’s arms, and her last words are “Save my sister from herself”.

Hans/Kristoff would eventually smack some responsibility into Elsa; Elsa would fall in love with Hans/Kristoff because he was the first person to stand up to her and not be afraid of her nor cater to her just because she has crazy magic powers.


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