A Very, Very, Very Stupid But Harmless Man

Critics of Jeffro Johnson’s Appendix N series fail to understand why his reviews of classic SFF focus so heavily on their relevance as they pertain to RPG gaming.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

I had a feeling of deja vu reading this one– and then I realized that this guy reviewed my fan writer entry last year. I still feel like I should know this guy from somewhere else, but hey… here’s his take on my “Best Related Work” entry for this year:

“The First Draft of my Appendix N Book” by Jeffro Johnson is the only one of these five that I will link here. Johnson writes for Castalia House too, but there is nothing in his work that is particularly offensive, apart from rants about “political correctness” and similar. It is, however, an utterly tedious work — Johnson going through all the books that inspired the original version of Dungeons & Dragons and looking at them from a gaming-inspired point of view. This might even be worthwhile, if Johnson showed any sign of having any analytical ability, insight, awareness…

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