Final Thoughts on the Gray Prince

Some of my rantings from last year about Vance inspired PC Bushi to pick up The Gray Prince and write a really good review of it!

PC Bushi

So hard to find time for the finer things when you’re wasting it all on vidaya games. But I’m done with the Gray Prince and I’m all the richer for it.

If you’re interesting in a more thoughtful and insightful review than I’m about to lay down, I’d point you to the excellent write-up over at Cirsova. I’m not confident I would have made the connection myself, but the Uldras do present as the inspirational precursors to the Elder Scrolls’ Dunmer, in both appearance and background.

He’s also got some great observations about the SLU (Standard Labor-value Unit), which I’d have skimmed right over, and some of the technology and devices that would be well-suited for tabletop adoption.

For my part, I’m going to start on the negatives to get that out of the way. First, as I mentioned in my initial impressions, there is a certain laboriousness to some parts…

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