#notatmytable: Making Tabletop More Welcoming and Inclusive by Spouting Off What and Who Are Not Allowed

Amazingly enough, I was too busy to talk on #NotatMyTable when it was going on.

I didn’t even know that it started out as a Social Justice hashtag, but I guess it makes sense as, from my experience, gaming bloggers need neither twitter nor hashtags to say “not no, but hell no” about things.

Of course, it likely was meant to be “goobergrapers, puppies, and white people playing cishet characters #notatmytable”, but quickly became “5e, d6 thieves, Paizo, whitewolf, elven blade dancers, splatbooks #notatmytable”, because if there’s one things that tabletop rpg gamers love its edition warring and crusading against ecumenicism just for the fun of it.

In fact, if someone didn’t know that #NotatMyTable had been a social justice hashtag, they might have unwittingly stumbled into it and had a grand old time. The average gamer is more concerned that one of their players may be insistent on being an Elf in every game (even ones set in space!) than that they may have some outside interest or belief that is contrary to their own.

So, Kudos to those gamers who took to NotAtMyTable to have some fun with it.

Not at my table 1.png

Honestly, this is the only one that made me laugh out loud.

Not at my table 2

You guys who are taking this #NotAtMyTable thing super-serious? This is what you look like to everyone:



6 responses to “#notatmytable: Making Tabletop More Welcoming and Inclusive by Spouting Off What and Who Are Not Allowed

    • It got trending over the weekend and apparently Twitter shadowbanned it and made the autocompletes stop because it was clear that there were maybe a dozen people who were all ‘this is serious business’ and everyone else was just shitposting and having fun. I’d wondered what Jeffro was talking about the other day… I’m guessing it got started on Friday or, because before that, it’s stuff like “Apsaragus? #notatmytable!”

  1. I was one of the guys who had no clue it was serious business until my lulz posts drew the ire of the pinch-faced modern day Patty Pulling crowd, but once they threw down the gauntlet went full on shitlord. Heh. They get so riled up when you call them out on their real goals.

    They would do well to schedule these things during the work week. They’d have a lot less push back from their opponents what with our having to work real jobs during the week.

  2. The fact the whole thing is utterly ridiculous is not lost on me. That doesn’t mean this is a battle not fighting. They took my comics, my movies, and my literature, I’ll be damned if they’re going to take my ‘pretending to be an elf-games’ without resistance. For years I thought theRPGpundit was kinda right and kinda nuts, but the more of these antics they throw into the hobby, the more they are pushing me into his spittle-flecked embrace.

  3. Saw that on Jeffro’s G+ timeline – he is my gateway to the best of Twitter – and his OSR tweets almost made me wish I had a Twitter account. As the genesis of #NotAtMyTable became clear, it reminded me of why I don’t have a Twitter account.

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