Zine News & Reminder

Just a reminder, we’re still offering our early-bird pre-Kickstarter ad rates for Cirsova #2.

We will be at River City Comic Expo June 11 & 12 selling copies of issue 1. We will also have a VERY SMALL quantity of Issue 2 proofs for sale. These variant cover* ad-free copies will NOT be made available elsewhere.  We’ll be selling them for $10.  I’ll also be trying to unload as many copies of The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard as I can because, after 5 years, I really want all of these CDs and LPs out of my back room so I can turn it back into an office.  I will also maybe have a bag of kettle corn from which I will proffer handfuls in lieu of an answer for those who ask about my Chuck Tingle: Legends of Science Fiction shirt.

Tomorrow, we will announce our full lineup for 2016.

Things may be slow here the rest of the week while I try to catch up on content for Wargame Wednesday and Short Reviews.

*We ended up with our variant cover done before our regular cover. All will be revealed when both covers are ready and we launch our Kickstarter for issue 2.  I can guarantee you’re going to want to get both!


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