Robert Szeles Considering Starting a New Fantasy Market

I got a pretty cool shout-out the other day; I sort of read this as “Cirsova’s not enough; we need more, so should I start my own magazine?”

And it’s true, Cirsova’s not enough. But I sense that we’re on the verge of major pulp renaissance that will be well under way over the next few years. The best thing that could happen, I think, is people deciding that they need to create their own outlets to publish and promote the kind of fiction they would like to see more of. If I could do it, anybody can.

Skelos is posed to be a pretty big deal and they’re showing that the demand is out there. Compelling Science Fiction fired a shot across the bow of publishing by offering pro-rates for hard sci-fi, and that’s just one guy doing it – I hope it has staying power. And there are a number of publications which I’ve heard of, which Robert lists, that I haven’t had a chance to follow, but considering some of Cirsova’s contributors also have stories there (Grimdark, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly) they’re bound to be worth checking out.

The tricky part is where Robert asks “Could I get the support needed…to edit and publish such an anthology, pay pro rates, [etc.]?” For Cirsova, the real answer is, “I don’t know yet.” I don’t know that we’ll ever be able to pay pro rates, as it would quadruple our per-issue content cost. I mean, I’d love to be able to reach the point where a check from Cirsova covered more than a utility bill, but our first goal would have to be a sustained profitability in the semi-pro rates.

I wish this guy the best of luck if he decides to take the plunge and open his own market for stuff “the quality of the golden age fantasy stories (Leiber, Vance, Howard, C.L. Moore, Moorcock)”; in the meantime, though, I’d like to note that Cirsova will be re-opening for 2017 submissions in early fall, and we’d be happy to take a look at anything he’d want to send us.

You can find his art and fiction here.  It looks worth checking out.

In other news, the first pre-proof copies of Issue 2 arrived yesterday – they look fantastic! I can’t show you yet, because they’re the Variant Cover, and I’d feel silly showing off the variant cover before I had the regular cover done, but I can tell you now, you’re going to want to get one of each. These will be undergoing the next round of external edits to make sure that Cirsova is as relatively free of typos as any publication can reasonably be and ready to be sent out to our backers as soon as possible following the close of our pre-order Kickstarter.


One response to “Robert Szeles Considering Starting a New Fantasy Market

  1. I’m planning to check out Compelling Science Fiction during my magazine quest (in phase 2, which I haven’t explained yet).

    I’m also planning to review a copy of Grimdark and of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, as separate posts from my magazine quest.

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