2016 Cirsova Line-up

As you can see, we’ve got an incredibly impressive roster for our upcoming issues through the rest of 2016. (Help us keep it up through 2017 by taking out an ad in issue 2!)

We’ve upped our page counts for our Summer and Fall issues to 108, though, as you’ll notice, Winter is going to be double-stuffed, with approx. 216 pages of content.

Issue 2 (July):


  • Images of the Goddess, Schuyler Hernstrom

Short Stories

  • The Sealed City, Adrian Cole
  • Hoskins’ War, Brian K. Lowe
  • Squire Errant, Karl Gallagher
  • The Water Walks Tonight, S.H. Mansouri
  • Shark Fighter, Michael Tierney


  • My Name is John Carter (Part 2), James Hutchings


  • Rescuing Women, Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Issue 3 (September):


  • The Wooing of Etroklos, J. Comer
  • The Mad God’s Scepter, Edward McDermott

Short Stories

  • War in a Way that Suits You, Michael A. Michaels
  • The Lion’s Share, J.D. Brink
  • Blood and Bones: Caribbean 1645, Jim Breyfogle
  • The End of the Golden Age, Tyler Young
  • Othan, Liberator, Kurt Magnus
  • Clock’s Watch, Michael Reyes


  • Retrospective: The Best of C.L. Moore, Jeffro Johnson

Issue 4 (December):


  • The Vault of Phalos, Jeffery Scott Sims
  • Shadow Vision, Preston Dennett

Short Stories

  • The Lady of the Amorous City, Edward M. Erdelac
  • A Suit of Haidrah Skin, Rob Lang
  • …Where There Is No Sanctuary, Howie K. Bentley
  • The Last Dues Owed, Christine Lucas
  • The Witch of Elrica, Jennifer Povey
  • The Bubbcat, Sean Monaghan
  • Wall Wardens, Lynn Rushlau
  • Lost Men, Eugene L. Morgulis
  • The Unfolding of the World, Harold R. Thompson
  • The Priests of Shalaz, Jay Barnson
  • Dust of Truth, Joyce Frohn
  • The Ride, Edward McDermott
  • The Sands of Rubal-Khali, Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
  • The Phantom Sands of Calavass, S.H. Mansouri


  • The Feminine Force Reawakened, Liana Kerzner

Zine News & Reminder

Just a reminder, we’re still offering our early-bird pre-Kickstarter ad rates for Cirsova #2.

We will be at River City Comic Expo June 11 & 12 selling copies of issue 1. We will also have a VERY SMALL quantity of Issue 2 proofs for sale. These variant cover* ad-free copies will NOT be made available elsewhere.  We’ll be selling them for $10.  I’ll also be trying to unload as many copies of The Worst Music Dracula Ever Heard as I can because, after 5 years, I really want all of these CDs and LPs out of my back room so I can turn it back into an office.  I will also maybe have a bag of kettle corn from which I will proffer handfuls in lieu of an answer for those who ask about my Chuck Tingle: Legends of Science Fiction shirt.

Tomorrow, we will announce our full lineup for 2016.

Things may be slow here the rest of the week while I try to catch up on content for Wargame Wednesday and Short Reviews.

*We ended up with our variant cover done before our regular cover. All will be revealed when both covers are ready and we launch our Kickstarter for issue 2.  I can guarantee you’re going to want to get both!


#notatmytable: Making Tabletop More Welcoming and Inclusive by Spouting Off What and Who Are Not Allowed

Amazingly enough, I was too busy to talk on #NotatMyTable when it was going on.

I didn’t even know that it started out as a Social Justice hashtag, but I guess it makes sense as, from my experience, gaming bloggers need neither twitter nor hashtags to say “not no, but hell no” about things.

Of course, it likely was meant to be “goobergrapers, puppies, and white people playing cishet characters #notatmytable”, but quickly became “5e, d6 thieves, Paizo, whitewolf, elven blade dancers, splatbooks #notatmytable”, because if there’s one things that tabletop rpg gamers love its edition warring and crusading against ecumenicism just for the fun of it.

In fact, if someone didn’t know that #NotatMyTable had been a social justice hashtag, they might have unwittingly stumbled into it and had a grand old time. The average gamer is more concerned that one of their players may be insistent on being an Elf in every game (even ones set in space!) than that they may have some outside interest or belief that is contrary to their own.

So, Kudos to those gamers who took to NotAtMyTable to have some fun with it.

Not at my table 1.png

Honestly, this is the only one that made me laugh out loud.

Not at my table 2

You guys who are taking this #NotAtMyTable thing super-serious? This is what you look like to everyone:



Skelos – The Journal of Weird Fiction and Dark Fantasy

I hadn’t gotten around to blogging in depth about this, and I probably won’t for awhile, but I just wanted to give anyone here who hasn’t already heard a heads up about the new Skelos Magazine.

It looks incredibly awesome, and much like our own issue 2, issue 2 of Skelos has a new piece by Adrian Cole! I would not be surprised if 2017 saw even more crossover.

I’ve already thrown in for a lifetime physical subscription. I believe in what these guys are doing and sense a weird pulp fantasy renaissance is on the horizon.


Final Thoughts on the Gray Prince

Some of my rantings from last year about Vance inspired PC Bushi to pick up The Gray Prince and write a really good review of it!

PC Bushi

So hard to find time for the finer things when you’re wasting it all on vidaya games. But I’m done with the Gray Prince and I’m all the richer for it.

If you’re interesting in a more thoughtful and insightful review than I’m about to lay down, I’d point you to the excellent write-up over at Cirsova. I’m not confident I would have made the connection myself, but the Uldras do present as the inspirational precursors to the Elder Scrolls’ Dunmer, in both appearance and background.

He’s also got some great observations about the SLU (Standard Labor-value Unit), which I’d have skimmed right over, and some of the technology and devices that would be well-suited for tabletop adoption.

For my part, I’m going to start on the negatives to get that out of the way. First, as I mentioned in my initial impressions, there is a certain laboriousness to some parts…

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