Just a Quick Update

I’ve spent the last couple days making sure I have content for Castalia House and putting the finishing touches on the Issue #2 Kickstarter.

There have been a ton of things I’ve wanted to rant about lately — indie-siders, Cap America becoming a Nazi/Red Skull advocating US sovereignty, and complaints against artists who apparently can’t not deliver cheesecake and art directors who apparently don’t know how to tell artists what to send but blame the artists*—but simply haven’t had the time because I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Maybe I’ll get to them, maybe I won’t.

I’ve still been trying to get ready for the con in a couple weeks. No, not NTRPG Con, which I would desperately love to attend, but River City Comic Expo the following week, where I will be selling copies of Issue 1, a very tiny quantity of Issue 2 (will have some place holder dummy ads), and the Halloween comp I put out a few years back. Apparently card readers don’t work with the tablet I bought expressly to take payment at the con, so I will be stuck manually entering people’s CC info; hopefully that will not cost me too many sales. With a few thousand dollars of content already bought and paid for for the rest of 2016, Cirsova’s coffers are running empty. We’ll definitely need to get those cash reserves built back up for our 2017 acquisition period later this fall.

But monday morning, our Kickstarter for Issue 2 goes live!

*:Not my artists; my artists are awesome.


4 responses to “Just a Quick Update

  1. Certainly hard to find time for everything as an adult with a job and many interests. I hope you do get a chance to write up some of your thoughts on those topics, though. Good luck with the expo! I’ve been to a couple of Japan-nerd conventions before and I just find the whole experience tiring. But I can see why people like those sorts of things.

    • Thanks. It’s probably not something I’d normally do for fun, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to make some sales. I’m not counting on it, but if, by some chance, I sell out my relatively small stock, I’ll have at least one issue fully funded. Glad the Kickstarter for issue 2 is coming up – the coffers need refilling.

    • If I have time and energy, and the Kickstarter is doing well enough, I might get to one next week. Marvel revealing that Captain America has always been a secret Nazi already feels like old news, especially with the outrage about the X-Men movie poster having come and gone. The bit about artists comes from Anna Kreider’s blog, gomakemeasandwich; it’s one of the more recent posts. As much as I want to rage about how ridiculous it is, I’d rather not get in a tit-for-tat with her; I pride myself on being able to walk a thin line over there without getting memesplained. And on top of that Urbanski’s been blathering on about worthlessness Appendix N this week, and a lot of that is so stupid that I don’t even know where to begin. He’s also someone I’d rather not start a blog war with.

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