Huge First Day for Cirsova Issue 2 Kickstarter!

In just one day, our Kickstarter has received as much in pledges as the first one did in three!

That’s a big part of why we felt we could ‘up the ante’ for this go around and set the bar at $1000.  At this point, since everything but the last couple pieces of art for 2016 are paid for, the money is just gravy, but to make sure we can keep up our publication schedule into next year and start buying stories early this fall, every dollar matters.

So thank you to everyone who has gotten the word out and pledged so far!

We’re already making plans for 2017.  Help us see them realized so we can keep delivering great content!

One thing that we really could use are ad-buyers.  Our rates on adspace are fairly cheap, plus we throw in several copies both so that you can see that we have printed your ad and so you can sell them to defray some of the cost.  More than anything, we’d just like to avoid big blank spaces in our layout, and filling those with ads for games, music, books and blogs is a great way to do so while putting you in front of the eyes of many individuals of discriminating taste.

On a final note, a couple of people have asked about hardcovers of issue 1 (there were only ever 10).  I have some thoughts on the matter that I will share once we make our goal of $1000.



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