Congratulations to the One Page Dungeon Winners!

I didn’t have time to participate in this year’s contest, so I decided to sponsor it instead.

I’m looking forward to the chance to actually try some of these out over the next several months as our gaming group shifts towards alternating between a main game and one-offs.

Winners are below, but the full list can be found here.  Great job on running this, RW, and thanks to all of the participants who make this happen.

Grand Prize Winners

Author Entry Quip
Alex Welk Thaw (Ice Themed Trap Dungeon)
Khelren Orient Express (1920s Train Themed Horror Adventure)
Maezar Dungeon of Abkadev (Wizard Trap Trick Dungeon)
Michael Prescott The Sky-Blind Spire (Abandoned Wizard Tower)
Mike Shea Chambers of the Dread Titan (Cultist Lair)
PJ Cunningham The Signal (Bermuda Triangle Horror Adventure)
Tim McDonald Griswald’s Shifting Dungeon (Shifting Map Puzzle Dungeon)
Will Doyle The Quintessential Dungeon (Nostalgia Dungeon)

Penultimate Winners Circle

Author Entry Quip
Andrew Harshman Tower of the Time Wizard (Time Paradox Encounters)
bygrinnstow The Umber Woods (Theatre of Mind Encounters)
Caleb Engelke The Professor’s Potion (Honey I Shrunk the Adventurers!)
Daniel Baldwin The Devil’s Due (Side Trek Adventure)
Eric Diaz The Magnificent Shadow (Defend the Town Scenario)
Gary Simpson Cult of Sleep (Customized Dungeon)
Monkey Blood Design Descendants (Falling Fight Drop)
Jeff Call Prisoners of the Gelatinous Dome (Monster as a Dungeon)
Jeff McKelly A Wild Chase (Dropped into Action)
Joseph Reilly The Baron Rises (Cemetery Theme)
Larry Z Pennyworth The Stones, The Ship, and the Fortress (Search and Fly Adventure)
Marten Zabel The Lair of the Voidbeast (Non Euclidean Dungeon)
Michael K Tumey Rude Awakening (Space Escape)
Mike Monaca Bridge of Dread (Bridge Themed Dungeon)
Ramsey Hong The Sea-Devil’s Stout (Water Themed Dungeon)
Roger SG Sorolla Gripped in the Hands of Time (Mini Four Room Dungeon)
Rusty Gerard March of the Machines (Faction Based Adventure)
Santiago Bourquin Catfished (Twist Ending)
Scott Marcley Athelberd’s Tomb (Bandit Lair on a Crypt)
Vance Atkins Bowl of Stars (Wilderness Hex)

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