Issue 1 Hardcover Reprint

A few people have asked if there was any way to get their hands on a hardcover of issue 1. The original printing was exclusive to the kickstarter and only a handful were ever made.

I do understand that people who are just now finding out about Cirsova may want to be able to “complete” their shelf, and short of tracking down the tiny number of people who bought them back in February and figuring out how to get their copies, there’s really no way to do so.


  • we reach our minimum goal
  • At least 10 people request (leave comment here) a second printing of the hardbound
  • At least 20 issue 2 hardbound copies are pledged for (any combination, including bulk)

we will offer a reprinted version of Issue #1 as an add-on for $35.

This version will be distinct from the original pressing in a handful of cosmetic ways. Jacket color, binding and embossing ink will all be different from the 1st edition so that copies can be distinguished.

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