I don’t even know what the hell to say about this.  This is sick.  Hella sick.



8 responses to “Man…

  1. If straight “allies” like that really wanted to help homosexuals gain respect and acceptance in America, they’d keep quiet. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    • I used to think that Anna Kreider was just very mistaken and wrong about many things; this crosses the horizon into possibly evil.

      Of all the books you could blame the Orlando shooting on, she chooses ones with random tables and elves. 100% saturation of PC sex negative RPG books at gaming tables would’ve done NOTHING to stop the Pulse club tragedy and it’s beyond insulting that she would try to put it in context of the “gaming has a white cis-male terrorist problem” narrative.

  2. That’s quite an impressive little tantrum. That woman must get paid by the word and not the thought because she uses a lot of words to express, “I haz the feelz!” It’s almost like she’s trying to say something, but can’t quite get it out because all of those feelings of anger and sadness and helplessness keep getting in the way. My guess is that reading through a few days of her back posts would shed more light on Little Miss Feels-A-Lot, but surely you don’t expect me to spend anymore time wallowing in the mud with that pig.

    I will say this, though, the way she twists herself in knots trying to rationalize why the actions of an Afghan Muslim reflect poorly on white Christians is amusing. The willful blindness among people like that is truly something to behold. I still don’t understand it, but watching it in action so often, at least it’s easier to accept it.

    • I know, right? “Hurf blurf, anytime a man does something, it’s because of toxic masculinity!” I’m glad that one lady took great lengths to politely call her on her bullshit. The whole “I’d delete your comment, but I’d be silencing LGBTQ voices…” was icing on the crazy cake. LGBT folks understand that it was a crazy Afghani Muslim who shot up the place, not someone with a collection of game books with boob-plates and no specific rules on how to play as a trans-dwarf.

    • She’s getting more backlash from this than a lot of her crazier stuff. Lot of LGBT gamers and creators showing up calling her on it, particularly for making it a Patreon feed post.

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