If the problem is toxic western cisheteropatriachy…

…should that not behoove you to oppose immigration into the west? Think of the tragedies that could be avoided if people are kept well away from our deadly toxic western cisheteropatriarchy!  If dad had kept the family in Afghanistan, there would’ve been no toxic western cisheteropatriarchal things like elves with boobplates or a 2:1 ratio of male to female adventurers to corrupt poor little Omar, and the shooting could’ve been prevented!

Look. If a guy in suit shows up with a Tommy-gun, says “Fat Tony’s got a message for ya”, and shoots up a diner, maybe, just maybe, we should look into this Fat Tony guy and his organization. But no, these idiots would start saying that unhealthy greasy spoon food and burned coffee are the problem.

Of course the discussion hasn’t been “helpful or productive“, because you’re pushing bullshit through people’s blood and are mad that people who share common ground with the victims are calling you on it.  Trying to push the “gaming has a white heterosexual male terrorist problem” narrative right now is literally the least helpful thing you can be doing.

I’d really not wanted to even broach this subject, but this is one of those things where I feel like if I don’t say something, I’ll get an aneurysm.

Anyway, the Frisky Pagan has written up a lengthy and insightful piece on those who are trying to blame every little thing in the Orlando shooting but the killer and his stated motives.  I suggest you read it.

8 responses to “If the problem is toxic western cisheteropatriachy…

  1. Thaks for the mention. It’s a long piece (I always overextend) but I think my point is clear.

    Anyway, what pisses me off more about these people is that they don’t seem to understand very basic things about the human mind or what “playing” actually is. They talk and talk about the pernicious influence of this or that but, to me, it seems like they are talking about another species. A robotic one, probably.

    • One of the integral parts of play for children growing up is violent interaction – they play and rough-house and have a good time until someone gets hurt and cries, at which point fun time is over; in that way, kids who don’t have advanced reasoning skills learn on a primal and instinctive level that violence against one’s peers leads to an end of fun times.

      Yet the most violent places in the world don’t have vibrant gaming communities… Hmmm….

      • This is a primal kind of learning. Puppies do it, too. When someone yips, the other offending party usually back off in surprise.

      • It may be veering off topic a bit, but I definitely think that if kids aren’t allowed to play rough it will certainly damage their capacity for empathy later in life.

  2. Thank you for rolling around in the mud and pointing out the juiciest bits of slop. There are a lot of us who care enough to join the pointing and laughing, but who don’t care enough to read drivel like that on a regular basis. It’s nice to be reminded of the crazy once in a while.

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