Free RPG Day – HALLS


Are the first couple levels the best levels?  Spend even more time as low-level characters constantly in peril of dying in the High Adventure for Low Levels System!

There is some grumbling that there aren’t many free OSR-friendly offerings for Free RPG Day.

So, I’m reposting a slightly updated version of HALLS.

I seem to have lost the source files, so the main change is that I fixed a few references to silver from back when it was an SP based system.

It’s not very good or fleshed out, but you’ll find a few things that might raise an eyebrow:

-“wild” elven magic
-item enchantment and magic attunement
-terms like “diocese” as they pertain to clerics
-quasi-compatibility with the B/X Bestiary



2 responses to “Free RPG Day – HALLS

    • Essentially the explanation for undead is that magic is like chemical fertilizer – enough old people use it long enough, it runs off into the environment and dead things start popping up.

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