Snapshot of Issue 2 W/Cover & Kickstarter Update

We’re half-way through our Kickstarter period and we’re just $200 shy of our initial goal!

So here’s a photo of what issue #2 will look like with the Jabari Weathers cover:


So shiny they’re blurry!

Our $1000 goal is just the tip of the iceberg in recouping some of our expenses; we want to be able to start buying up for 2017 in September, but to do so, we’ll need start selling ad space and moving bulk orders for retailers.  Each issue of Cirsova has about $1k worth of content (Over $1500 for issue 4!)+ about $100 in costs for proofs and contributor copies, so needless to say, the Kickstarter is a much, if not more, about gauging interest and generating hype as it is actually paying the bills.

As we enter the second half of 2016, we’ll be pushing hard and hoping that the positive press we’ve garnered will turn into sales on the back-end and pre-orders on the front end.  If I can remain solvent over the next 8 weeks (damn car insurance!), I’ll be trying to hit up more of the local conventions to try to move stuff there (and hopefully break even on the cost of the table).  More importantly, however, are the plans we have cooking for issues 3 & 4; rather than run a million Kickstarters and pre-orders for every issue, after this one, we’re going to toy with trying to sell subscriptions.  It’ll be a mini-subscription where you can buy issue 3 and get our double-stuffed issue 4 for a discount (and in time for Christmas!) without me having to worry about when the Kickstarter money hits the bank, etc. etc. – I’ll just send it out when it’s time to send it out to anyone who’s signed up and paid to get one.  If that works, I’ll try out selling a full year’s subscription for 2017, but to do that, I’ll need to have money to buy up content for 2017.  I’m never going to overpromise what I can’t deliver on, but I’d sure like to be able to deliver a quarterly schedule in 2017!


2 responses to “Snapshot of Issue 2 W/Cover & Kickstarter Update

    • Thanks! It will probably be $20 for both issues, as opposed to $10 for one and $15 for the other, so the winter issue will practically be 2 issues for the price of one that way .

      If I keep up a quarterly schedule, there’s really no sensible way for me to keep going like this, launching the next issue’s kickstarter the moment the last issue is out the door… This will hopefully allow for some perks, too, like giving me more flexibility in how I fill my ad space.

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